Your Life is a Big Lie!

THE World, not YOUR world

The next time something in YOUR world has you feeling overwhelmed, before it becomes all-consuming remind yourself that there are over 6.5 billion people who share THE world with you.

There’s a world of happenings going on – actions, reactions, developments, causes, effects – a lot of interrelated activities with the ability and likelihood to change your circumstance at any moment; to affect YOUR world.

This interactivity affects every single person – some so small that it’s unnoticeable and others so large that it’s catastrophic.  That means that there are over 6.5 billion different interpretations of what is real in every moment.  When an interpretation of what is real in YOUR world has you feeling overwhelmed, and then all-consumed, you’ve likely misinterpreted.

What happens in life is not personal. Life is a continuation of interrelated activities.  How the continuation of life plays out is not just about what is happening in YOUR world; your world is not the end-all so don’t take it personally.

Hurricane Katrina was not out to get me. She did not decide to target New Orleans because I was there and to ruin all of MY belongings. My 2nd ex-husband didn’t decide that he’d come see just how much more miserable he could make me than my 1st husband had; they weren’t in cahoots to make it hard for me to trust another man or believe that I could never have a healthy lasting relationship.

I could choose to believe those things, but it wouldn’t be true.

How YOUR world is affected in THE world of interrelated activities will depend on you; your will, your expectations, your attitude, your resilience, your universal consciousness…YOUR INTERPRETATION; what you choose to believe about it.

So, okay, your life isn’t really a lie, but you can’t take things that happen in YOUR world personally; like God (or the devil), the Universe and people are out to get you. Life is an adventurous journey that is as good to you as you are to it.

I believe that life is supposed to be enjoyed and however I need to interpret every scenario to make it as fun as possible, I do; that’s my responsibility and my choice. 🙂

We’re Growin’ UP…Grown IS Sexy! 😉

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