To Mothers of Fatherless Sons And Daughters

WARNING: I am not tap dancing around this subject because women have to start devoting real planning and forethought–and set real standards–when choosing their children’s fathers, if there’s going to be a dent in the number of fatherless sons and daughters.

I am not blaming women, but I am clear and unequivocal in my message to women: Your PooNannie is Your Responsibility.

It’s rare that a man who commits to a relationship, marries a woman and then has children with her, will suddenly leave and act as if the children do not exist. It’s not rare for a man to leave his wife, but to drop from his children’s lives completely – that’s rare. So there are different categories of Single Mothers; all don’t have fatherless sons and daughters.

Free Love: Slave To Your Passions

FatherlessWith few exceptions, unplanned pregnancies are the result of two people, usually adults exercising their right to have sex with no concern for ripple effects.

They have the adult right to sex whomever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and may even reproduce, without reason, explanation, nor commitment. However, that kind of screwing is irresponsible and it’s certainly not grown decision-making.

Friends with Benefits

Here’s the problem with this: Women are putting more emphasis on the “friend” and penis-led men are putting more emphasis on the “benefits.” The reason penis-led men don’t support their children is because they didn’t screw with the consideration, and certainly not with the intent, of parenting in mind.

Men are penis-led by nature. When the average man engages in sexual activity, he’s not thinking beyond his immediate gratification. And Momma, although they wanted you when you were making the baby, many of them resent you for having the baby.

Lady, you may not have thought beyond the act either, but you are the one whose life is altered; you are the one most likely to be left with the responsibility of a little person – a lifetime commitment.

The time to realize that a man “ain’t shit” is before he’s your baby’s daddy.

Don’t Be Quick To Lay!

Know who you’re sharing yourself with. Make sure he’s emotionally equipped and prepared to co-parent with you for the long haul, even if the two of you don’t work out. Here’s a hint: If he is not actively parenting the children he’s already sired, it is extremely unlikely that he will make an exception for any child he could potentially sire with you. Any post-pubescent male can sire a child; grown men ready, willing and able to actually father one are far less common.

Your decisions always have ripple effects. Most pregnancies aren’t planned, yet most relationships don’t last. You have to get better qualifiers for choosing who you’ll allow in your life, to sex, and to procreate with.

A man who doesn’t take the time to get to know you, but is willing and eager to sex you, is only thinking about the nut he’s about to bust in you, not the rest of you and certainly not the child he could be producing in that moment.


So, maybe your baby’s daddy “ain’t shit.” Then you need to get serious about doing a better job of vetting who you lay with! UP your criteria! RAISE THE DAMN BAR! No, you didn’t make the baby by yourself, but it’s YOUR PooNannie, so it’s YOUR responsibility and in the end, for better or worse, YOUR baby, even though he helped you to produce it.

Growth is a choice; choose it now – Next Decision Better!

And until you figure it out, NO POONANNIE FOR DEADBEATS! That’s the immediate way you start to reduce the numbers of fatherless sons and daughters!

*Footnote* Not all men are penis-led. #LiveInTheGrownZone

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Over-Saturated PooNannie Supply

Ladies, you’ve got to put on your big girl drawz for this one, but if you want a man worth having you’ll be glad you did.

Sexual responsibility can be equal, but as of right now it is not! There’s an over-saturation of PooNannie supply and women, it’s time to bring the balance, but you’ve got to embrace your part.

Here we grow…Grown IS Sexy! ;-)

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Sexually Uninhibited Or Just Loose

“SuperHead”, Really?!

I heard a young woman recently say that she lost her virginity before she had her first kiss.  That is just mind-boggling to me.  She went on to say that she’d had multiple sexual partners in an attempt to improve her sexual skills.

Now if prostitution is a career path and she’s living in Nevada where it’s perfectly legal, and it’s the family business, I totally understand that, otherwise, somebody failed her miserably and/or she’s going down a path that may be financially profitable but at what cost?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry ain’t supposed to know how you moan, Baby; that list ought to be very short. Your reputation depends on it.”  –Sam Green, Sr. aka My Daddy

By now, most of you know that I grew up in my Daddy’s barber shop and beauty salon and that he did not censor any conversations for my sake. In fact, he knew that allowing me to get the uncensored versions of how differently men and women thought about and used sex would be to my immediate and ultimate benefit.

This post is not to condemn any person because all any of us can do is that which we know.  But as with every PooNannie Post, it is to spark conversation about behaviors because to be sexually uninhibited is a good thing when in healthy context, but to be “loose” is just irresponsible.

Sexual Guidance is Good Parenting

Our society is moving so fast and parents are so busy running the rat race while sexuality expands, evolves and/or unveils that we are all still trying to figure out where we are sexually, and too many parents, therefore provide little, if any, guidance for our children.  And when left to their own devices, they make it up as they go and their experiences become their truth.  And being the humans we are, when we reinforce our” truth(s)” through conditioning, how we are conditioned becomes our reality.

Let’s face it, sex has never been an easy subject for most adults, even today in our very actively sexual society, parents are still not talking with their children about what it means to be sexually responsible. Mostly, because they themselves have not been, or worse, still are not.

PooNannie: the delicacy between a woman’s legs

(according to the Urban Dictionary)

Delicacy or Stankin’ Tuna?

No, this is not just about loose girls and loose women, we all know that boys and men are as sexually irresponsible, but they can’t do it without you women (you know the exceptions, but I’m not going there in this post)!

Smarter Than Your Private Parts

WOMAN: You are the gatekeepers and you have to get smarter about how you’re using that tool between your legs. Too many of you, especially you “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T women”, are just doling it out freely, uninterrupted and uninhibited – proving that intellect does not equal smart.

She’s educated! A professional – handling her business and climbing the success ladder all week long, but when dealing with men she trades in her brilliant brain for a box of rocks!

A smart woman wouldn’t dilute the overall value of a delicacy by turning hers into a stankin’ tuna!

“Reputations can be improved, but never removed. You can recover from being a ‘bitch’, but some labels are irreparable…you don’t ever want to be known as the neighborhood ho”.  –Sam Green, Sr. aka My Daddy

The PooNannie is a delicacy. Treat H.E.R. as such – with Honor, Esteem and Respect.

When you do here’s what you’ll find: you’ll attract men who will treat you the same way – with Honor, Esteem and Respect…and you will have deserved it. We tend to get what we accept, not what we deserve. 😉

Enter the Grown Zone…Grown IS Sexy! 😉

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