No PooNannie For Deadbeats

That's Messed Up!

That’s Messed Up!

You’ve got to become more discriminate about who gets access to your goods. STOP REWARDING DEADBEATS!

A man who does not support his kids has already shown you who he is.

A woman once made the argument in a salon-type setting, “If you’ve got a half decent man you should be happy.” Astonished by women’s agreement I replied, “Not unless you’re only half decent!” **crickets**

Here’s the really unfortunate part: deadbeats continue to have babies because women support them – THE DEADBEATS!

“You don’t get what you deserve you get what you accept!”

-Grown Zone

A woman who allows an only half decent man (and for many of them “half decent” is a compliment) access to her heart, home, money and/or PooNannie does not properly value herself. It’s a ugly cycle that women – the birthers and nurturers – can and must break. Ladies, Your PooNannie is YOUR responsibility!

Any man who doesn’t support his children will not take care of yours…that includes the ones you would have for him. YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION! In fact, if you valued yourself properly, a man who doesn’t support his children shouldn’t get a seat at your table – CERTAINLY NOT A KEY TO YOUR POONANNIE!

If you don’t have a criteria for who gains entry, start with this!



It’s time to #RaiseTheBar ladies for yourselves and who you choose as your mates for the sake of your children and our future. It’s time to #LiveInTheGrownZone! Ladies, if you want better from a man then you must change your qualifiers.

I think the Grown Zone might just have to add #NoPooNannieForDeadbeats to our “movement” efforts! 😉

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