Why I Watch Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court

Aside from the fact that I respect its Judge, I watch Paternity Court because it makes rachet, REAL!

Oh, you haven’t heard of Paternity Court? Well, let me tell you about it.

Judge Lauren Lake

Judge Lauren Lake

The judge presiding is the beautiful, feisty, multi-talented Lauren Lake, University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School, educated. I’ve watched Lauren since her home make-over show days in the 1990’s and she is a Renaissance woman!

When I first heard of Paternity Court I thought: REALLY?!?! Do we really need to further pollute the airwaves and the idle minds focused on daytime television.

You see, I thought it would be another block of television attracting the rachet and feeding more rachetness. Well, part of that is true: Paternity Court by nature – on daytime television feeding perpetual idle minds attracts the rachet, but it’s a glimmer of hope because while it deals with rachetness, it promotes responsibility. It uses rachet behavior to teach responsibility.

You see, irresponsible screwing has consequences! There would be no need for a Paternity Court if people weren’t screwing irresponsibly!

“If you’re not swimming in the pond you can’t get caught!”

-Samuel Green, Sr.

My father has been saying this for as long as I can remember. Back in the day a woman could pick whichever man she’d slept with and decide who would be her baby’s daddy and there was nothing he could do about it, especially if married to her. Women have been lying on men about being their baby’s daddy forever! But today DNA tests expose her behavior.

Nobody should have to live with a lie about who their biological parent is. In certain cases it is not possible to know but when it is every child deserves to know from whence they came.

Paternity CourtI believe that Paternity Court makes REAL the consequences of screwing whomever you want whenever you want without regard for ripple effects. These are lessons in critical thinking that many of those tuning in would not otherwise get.

“Most men are just looking for an available, warm hole and for them, any hole will do.”

-Sam Green, Sr.

It’s making REAL the pain people feel when they’ve been lied to about their biological parent, or been denied by a man who was ready to screw their mother but not ready to parent them.

You have the Adult Right to screw irresponsibly but that behavior is far from Grown. And women need to understand the difference between being wanted and desired vs. being valued and loved. That is YOUR responsibility!

Keep doing your thang Judge Lake and I’ll keep supporting you because we’re on the same mission: to heal and help people to embrace truths and make their Next Decision Better.

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