Fidelity Is A Decision Not Based On Persuasion

Couple at bar.“A real man gives up one-night stands for a woman he can’t stand to spend one night without.”

Saw this in Social Media this morning and every time I see something like it I want to shake the women behind the posts. Women really need to THINK! Put your egos aside (yes, women are ego-driven too) and THINK because women who believe this end up jockeying for men, hurting one another and that’s not okay.

Hear this ladies, meditate on it and don’t ever forget it:

A man not committed to fidelity on general principle will NOT make an exception for you!

Stop believing that there’s something you can do, be or become that can change another person.

Women have given men a pass for being players. I’ll prove it. You accept statements like, “I’ll settle down when I find the right woman.” That’s a load of crap! It’s BULLSHIT! And women accept it. Men are players because women allow them to play. In the Grown Zone, we repeat: You don’t get what you deserve you get what you accept!

A man stops going to smorgasbords because his appetite for “all you can eat” has changed not because one of the dishes at the smorgasbord was so good that it’s all he wants to eat for the rest of his life.

Woman, you may have swaying ability; the ability to sway a man’s attention from another woman. You may be very aware of those powers, but if you were as aware of your worth, you’d never accept a swayable man.

A smart woman knows it’s a misuse of her powers and she knows that a swayable man will soon sway from her too. He’s susceptible to the bait used but not really interested in you.

When you attract a man by swaying or persuading him the pressure is always on you: to keep him satisfied and to keep his attention on you because you’ll forever know that whatever  you did to get him, the next woman who wants him only needs to do it better because you KNOW he’s baitable, thus swayable. What a miserable existence you will have created!

Hear me ladies: In the words of my father, Sam Green Sr, “There’s only one winner when you enter a man’s rotation – HIM – and no man is worth the price you’ll have to pay to compete.”

You can’t build a healthy relationship with somebody whose attention is divided. If you don’t have his undivided attention when you start you won’t gain it as you grow. Don’t you deserve sole focus? Than act like it!

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