Simple Dos and Don’ts For Getting Through Difficult Times

Life's Whirlwinds

Life’s Whirlwinds

It happens in every single life; nobody is exempt from disturbances, trials, and challenges of every kind and size. The difference is that some prepare to manage their impacts, and move through them with the least emotional effects possible.

We’re all designed with the capability to do this, but it’s up to each of us to refine our abilities to do it.


Be Vigilant – don’t hide under a rock when life gets tough. This is the time to Courage UP; face it, and learn whatever you must to DO what’s necessary.

Be Wise -never stop learning and applying what you know. There’s a huge difference between awareness and application. The difference in how your circumstances turn out is hugely based on what you do, not what you know to do.

Be Set Apart – When you’re thinking like the herd it’s a good sign that you’re in deep doodoo. The herd takes the path of least resistance. You have to be willing to stand alone – to separate yourself from the chaos – from the company you keep to the noise in your head. You can’t think average or behave according to what’s expected by the herd.

Do all these things and you’ll Be Victorious!

Growth happens during the storms of life.

The longer you live, you’ll recognize disturbances all around – so much competing for attention – the good, the bad and the ugly. They are constant, and PEACE IS AN INSIDE JOB; your job to maintain it, so regardless of what you’re experiencing – an overflow of the good life or all hell breaking lose around you – your internal assignment will remain the same.


Be not distracted – whatever has happened is to coexist with as much normalcy as you can muster. Whatever predominates your mind, reigns. Practice peace; it’s king.

Be not dismayed – after the initial hurt, even shock which you have to sit with in order to become present with your new reality you must not lose faith in rebounding; resilience is built here. Courage UP: verbally reassure yourself that “this too shall pass” and “I can handle this” because it will and you can.

Be not discouraged – when it’s over don’t argue with the results. Accept them. That includes whatever your new reality is. The life ahead of you with your new conditions will draw you like a magnet if you’ll embrace it. There’s always a beautiful “life after”regardless of the storm you’re currently facing.

Whatever gets your attention gets your energy. You’re only granted so much in a day so whatever gets the most of your energy over time, wins!

Embrace what is – when it is, but don’t get caught up in the drama – GET FOCUSED! Maintain your peace, be willing to loose the emotions the storm stirred (key to how quickly the storm passes), and you’ll be ready for whatever is in store. #LiveInTheGrownZone

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