Commit To Something Or Miss Your Assignments

The future is not revealed because we can’t handle it! That’s not scientific but it’s truth. It’s why we must learn to trust the process for it is the journey that prepares us through conditioning to handle what’s ahead. Here’s the unfortunate part: most miss their assignments because they just won’t commit to anything.

We learn so much during the process of commitments. They prepare us for future assignments. It’s hard to recognize things/situations as assignments when they show up if we’re not conditioned for commitments.

Yeah, Baby!

Yeah, Baby!

What Do Squats Have To Do With This?

I saw a challenge floating about on social media. I enjoy challenges of just about every kind, but when I first saw this one I thought, “ain’t no damn way!” After all, Day 1 is 50! I’d NEVER done 50 squats in one pop so it ain’t no damn way at 45 and just getting back into shape I’ll be doing 250 in 30 days, or so I thought.

The Past

Growing up I played park ball, elementary and high school, and intramural sports in college.  I’ve played every American sport (very well if I might add – and got a few MVPs to prove it), ran track and add to that: dance lessons (tap, ballet and gymnastics) for years – I’m a natural athlete, yet the 30 Day Squat Challenge sent me running for a few weeks!

You see, like many women who love sports and grew up playing them once we reached a certain age there’s nowhere for us to continue playing. And even if there were men’s teams that would permit us to play we had to deal with them trying to pat us up on the sneak (although most of us could whip their asses) and it became more of a bother than a benefit. 

I don’t know about other athletes but it took a lot for me to learn to enjoy the gym.  I’d still rather play ball but like all muscles if we don’t work them they get soft. My nice way of saying my ass was out of shape and spreading.

It’s what happens in life when we don’t work mental muscles; when we don’t challenge ourselves, we get soft and can’t handle situations that life presents.

The Present

I’m on Day 11 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. Turns out, 50 are not that hard to do and the progression chart is strategically designed to bump it up and give days of rest so I don’t hurt myself. I popped out 110 with not problem!

Full Disclosure: I exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, consistently. I have to mix it up or I’ll get bored. I go to the gym on my own, join classes offered by the gym including weight training, spinning classes, walking the hills of my neighborhood, jogging in the parks or on tracks when I feel like sprinting, and workout to different You Tube videos. 

The Progression

Here’s the part I really like. I’ve researched different ways to do the squat along with what I’ve learned over the years with personal trainers and  every 25 I do, I switch it up: add weights, plank in between, push ups, crunches, etc. and I know all too well that by day 30, 250 won’t be a problem, at all! And my ass will have tightened!

How am I so sure 11 days in? Because I committed to it Day 1 and with every squat I’m conditioning my muscles for day 30. That’s how life works and why you can’t punk out on life! You can’t cut yourself out of the game – you are capable of far more than you know. Many you CAN’T do a whole lot of things now, but if you’ll only get started with SOMETHING and stick with it, you’ll find that confidence shows up and when that happens, success follows.

Many situations show up in our lives for us to do something with them. You won’t recognize things that show up in your life as assignments if you’re not conditioned for commitments. COMMIT TO SOMETHING. 

That’s how we #LiveInTheGrownZone!

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2 Responses to Commit To Something Or Miss Your Assignments

  1. Zara Green says:

    To my Squatting Partner In Crime, Nichole…thank you! I only accepted this challenge after I saw it on your page. I know you push yourself and “average” just won’t do for you, and we have a healthy competitive relationship; you make me strive to be better, Chica and I appreciate you for it. When I saw you were doing it, I got out of my chair in that moment and did 50! And then committed to the challenge – you know the story, lol!

    I’ve never laid eyes on you but I love you, woman! xo

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