Scott Prouty, Lesson of Integrity: Man Behind the 47% Romney Video

Scott Prouty

He was behind the 47% video that put a nail in Romney’s Presidential Coffin, Scott Prouty is MY HERO!! He defined Romney exactly as he is…using Romney’s own words!

This link has 4 different videos that I found VERY SATISFYING! Thank you, Scott Prouty – you’re smart, conscientious and BRAVE! May goodness and light be with you all of your days.

I told y’all to leave Mitt alone, he did a SPLENDID job hanging himself!

There are many gems in these videos from Scott Prouty and Mitt Romney on how to be, and not to be.

Prouty’s moral compass governed him; stirred him up and wouldn’t let him rest until he did something WITH what he had and it almost instantly changed the course of our nation and the entire world.

He’ll not spend the rest of his days wondering, “what if” he’d released the video. No! Although he pondered, his integrity steered him and he did what he believed was right. I find that refreshing and am inspired by it!

LESSON: #CourageUP! Do right because it’s the right thing to do.






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2 Responses to Scott Prouty, Lesson of Integrity: Man Behind the 472 Romney Video

  1. Montana says:

    Great job Scott Prouty! Willard fumbled after disclosure, and when he lost the election, he went back to the same words, so come on Willard, face it, your own words lost the election, man up Willard, man up. Willard didn’t even get all registered GOP voters out to vote for him, plus the GOP states that passed all those voter restriction, tick people off, and all those states elected President Obama. Willard was the worse candidate ever, even England dubbed Willard “Mitt the twit”. We have been sick and tried of all your Corporate Welfare and tax breaks and the fact that you don’t pay any federal income taxes, but hey keep your ill gotten money, we don’t want you or your money. Willard you were taught an important message….You can’t buy everything with money!

  2. Zara Green says:

    Yes, Montana! Go Scott Prouty! 🙂 “Mitt the Twit” and NO, “you can’t buy everything with money!” Thanks for the comment!

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