How To Make a Masterpiece From Shattered Pieces of Life

Sometimes it’s a small change. Other times life knocks you with a blow that seems unimaginable! Here’s a fact though: Eventually, you WILL know what it means to be devastated, when you have what I call your “Hurricane Katrina” experience, when life as you know it is ripped from under you, or when you learn a “truth” about somebody who’s not who you thought they were, or when a condition is unveiled and is not as you’ve believed.

Whether it’s already happened, it’s happening now or it’s yet to be realized, here’s what you need to know: What somebody else does is NOT a reflection of you but an amplification of them, and to learn the truth about a condition is the point that you KNOW the truth, but the truth was always there.

It is in THAT moment that while you WILL be hurt and feel betrayed, you must also be grateful that “truth” prevails. Unless you’re operating based on truth, you live lies. Pick up the pieces, Baby, for they will be the cornerstones of your masterpiece.

Nothing happens TO you – life HAPPENS! Good happens, bad happens and outright ugly happens in the life of every single person, and each of us, based on our skill level, either reacts or responds.  Whether you react or respond has everything to do with your mindset and how much (or little) you’ve developed, emotionally.

To react, means you’re totally operating on raw emotion, your default setting. In that case, nothing learned is nothing earned. Consider this: You’ve got to learn your job effectively in order to earn a living to supply your needs. You’ve got to  earn a reputation to be trusted through merit. And in that same way, you have to learn to respond effectively to whatever life sends your way because it’s the only way to grow.

Here’s what it boils down to: You’ve got to be willing to L.E.G. Up – LEARN, EMBRACE and GROW UP! Change happens to develop you, not to punish you, but you’ve got to be willing to embrace change as it comes (and to make changes when necessary), learn from every experience and grow because of them.  You’ve got to choose, no matter how difficult, to make your NEXT Decision BETTER!

We’re growin’ UP…Grown IS Sexy! Huh? 😉

Tell me what you think…how have you changed and grown from life’s experiences? Or, in what ways are you still struggling to grow through change? Maybe we can help. 😉

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All the best,
Speaker, Individuality Advocate
Author of Living by Design and Living in Harmony


About Zara Green
Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

6 Responses to How To Make a Masterpiece From Shattered Pieces of Life

  1. amandamkuk says:

    Zara, that is a beautiful piece. May I use it on my blog sometime, with full credit to you of course?

  2. Zara Green says:

    Thank you, Amanda! I like it when my content is shared, so by all means, repost it and thank you for giving me credit. 😉

  3. karenswim says:

    Zara, my beautiful sister friend, such words of wisdom! I’ve had a few but I’ve learned that I am never a victim and rather than getting shaken in the shaking, I become a better me. We humans seem to need a little turmoil to make those great big leaps of growth.

  4. Zara Green says:

    @Karen – I love, “rather than getting shaken in the shaking”…we have to be able to find peace in the turmoil and to be better because of it! Yes, Ma’am, every shake is a growth opportunity. I’ve had a few too, and sure I’ll have more…it’s all life. 🙂 Huge hugs ‘n much love to you, My Beautiful Sister Friend. xo

  5. Lucy says:

    Hi Zara

    its something like coming straight from THE ONE DIVINE-God.
    Its actually truth of everyone life!!!!!!

  6. Zara Green says:

    Hi Lucy! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad it resonated with you. 😉

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