Your Health IS Your Responsibility: Deal With Cancer Before It Deals With You

We all have THAT family member who says (or used to say), “you’ve got to die of something” as an excuse to not take responsibility for their own health…don’t be THAT family member, okay?

If you can not look back over the course of your life and recall some thoughts you’ve had, feelings you’ve felt and things you’ve done and see a damn fool, then you still are one! I KNOW I’ve been one! Which upon reflection makes me ever-grateful for my capacity to learn, my willingness to embrace what is and for the growth I’ve seen and know that I’ll continue to experience because I’m determined to keep making my NEXT Decision BETTER™.

NEXT Decision BETTER™ is not just my mantra for emotional decision it’s applicable in all things!

Deciding Is Hard!

This is a tough post because usually my blog posts are about self development for the purpose of self leadership involving emotional things and this one goes beyond that, but still about YOU – you making your NEXT Decision BETTER™ from the sodas you drink and the toothpaste you use, to the convenience of how you prepare your food. DON’T YOU DARE CLICK THAT ‘BACK’ BUTTON. 🙂 *side-eye stare* This is for YOUR health which is YOUR Responsibility and I agree, deciding TO take responsibility for your health can be hard. But deciding TO is the hardest part. So come on…

Cancer is running rampant, but there are things you can do to minimize its affects. I am not sharing this to condemn you, rather to inform, enlighten and with hope that you’ll make decisions to transform you, as I have and continue to be informed, enlightened and transformed.

Following are just some of the things I’ve modified or changed completely for my overall health and why, along with links with more information.  Sometimes, in our capitalistic society you have to dig a little deeper for the truth.  I decided that I’m worth it and I’m sharing this in hopes of you looking at your own life not just for longevity, but also to do your part to live the highest quality of life, possible.

Carbonated Drinks
I have not had a carbonated soda in over a decade because the body wasn’t built to handle it, and within just 60 minutes of having drank a Cola, the body is taxed in ways that, overtime breaks it down.

Soda and M & M’s are what got me through college as a full time student and full time employee when I’ve had to keep late nights or pull all nighters, but as I began to take ownership of my health I had to change.

So What Do I Drink in the Place of Soda Now?
Sometimes, “not from concentrate” juices or just water with lemon.  For a refreshing drink, I occasionally add Bragg’s Apple cider Vinegar and Grade B Maple Syrup to my water.

Microwave Ovens
I’ve not, intentionally, had microwaved food since 2006. I say, intentionally, because you don’t always know how something’s prepared when eating out although I’ve learned to be more proactive about ordering in restaurants. In my house, the only purpose a microwave serves is to kill the germs in sponges; that’s its only use for me because the hidden hazards of microwave use makes me lose my appetite.

How do I warm my food, you wonder?
I am old school, cooking and warming everything stove top or in the oven. Technology is a beautiful thing, but we have a responsibility to know their effectsand to make responsible choices.

In 2006, at the instruction of my wellness therapist, when fibroid tumors nearly killed me, I had a minerals analysis done and the aluminum in my body was off the charts! The biggest contributor of aluminum in the body, daily and overtime is deodorant. It was back to nature for me!

To Deoderize or Not To Deoderize?
Unless I’ve got somewhere to go I don’t put anything under my arms. Seasons influence my decisions when I do have to go somewhere. If it’s cold/cool out I’ll only use baking soda. I make sure my underarms are completely dry and then with a dry makeup sponge I pat underarms like a light powder. It totally works!

On hot summer days, I’ll do the same but I am mindful that it doesn’t last as long as the aluminum stuff, so I’ll either pack washing gear to refresh or bite the bullet and use a itsy-bitsy tiny dab of regular deodorant. As for my experience with the alternative deodorants, I haven’t found them to work any better than ‘Just Baking Soda’.

There are reports of baking soda naturally being aluminum free, AND there are reports of it not being, SO just to be safe I use Bob’s Red Mill Aluminum-Free Baking Soda.

Fluoride Toothpaste
When you get on the journey of making better decisions where your health is concerned, which also means getting off of the traditional tracks of medicine, you’ll learn of many things that society feeds you as good for you is all about a dollar – FOR THE INDUSTRY. YOU are just their pawns and this “fluoride” business is a piece of work. From your water to your toothpaste.

So How DO I keep Mine Pearly White?
I’ve got some pearly whites and it’s not because of any of the major brand toothpastes, nor because of cosmetically altered dental work. It’s because I went back to doing what my father, who’s now 73 and still has all of teeth and never any teeth issues, has always done – peroxide to ward off infection and baking soda to clean. And just because I enjoy the effects of a motorized toothbrush and mine happens to call for two different brush attachments and a tongue brush, I also finish off with, JASON Healthy Mouth Tea Tree, natural fluoride-free toothpaste. (Note: all of JASON’s Toothpastes are NOT fluoride-free)

Milk/Dairy Products
By age 2 your body stopped producing the enzymes needed to digest cow’s milk that’s why most human beings don’t tolerate it well. Milk coagulates and forms cancer producing environments in the body.

This video is by an 8th grade student who knows what it took me years to learn.

What Alternatives Are There?
Generally I don’t like dairy products so not drinking milk or eating yogurt and cottage cheese are not a big stretch for me. I do love cheese but I don’t buy it. I will have a piece or two at events and admittedly, I’m still a bit of a hypocrite because although I don’t outright drink milk I love coffee and I’m a coffee snob. I’ll only drink it with raw sugar and organic half ‘n half (don’t get me started on the hormones, antibiotics and other added mess that cows are fed that affect us). I’ve quit coffee on several occasions and will again, but for not now. *side-eye stare* 😛

I will have Almond Milk when I think I want cereal which is rare or occasionally Goat, Coconut and Soy Milk. Aside from the couple tablespoons of organic half ‘n half everyday, I stopped dairy products over a decade ago.

That’s IT…Don’t Want To OverWhelm You.
Sure, there are many other things I could mention, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, I want to heighten your awareness and maybe trigger something in you to start the journey of ABSOLUTE personal responsibility.  Once you start the journey, it’ll lead you on your own path to learn even more and be inspired to make better decisions about your health.

When I left home, not long after college – in my early 20’s – I was intent on being and doing what my parents hoped and instilled in  – better than they were and  had done.  To me that meant to have a better life than they did because I’d been granted the education that they weren’t, so I should do things they hadn’t and have more than they did. That’s about as far as “better” went in my mind at that time.

But then, after leaving my home environment (family, city, culture) and experiencing another (and eventually many others) it expanded my knowledge, options and choices, but decisions on all of this new information was solely up to me. I could choose to completely L.E.G. UP in life, to slightly modify based on all my new knowledge or to reject it all.

Cancer has been a theme throughout my family and since my first surgery at 14 I became very aware of it’s presence within me. Knowing that there is a genetic predisposition is one reason I’ve made changes. Another is the rise of cancer occurrences as it relates to technology and capitalism.

If you are not awakened to anything else from this post, you have to consider that what you consume and its effects are your responsibility. No, there are no guarantees that making any changes will keep you any healthier, but just because you can do some things doesn’t mean you should and just because they sell it doesn’t mean you should buy/use it…LEARN what you need to learn about what you consume so you can make better decisions.

So don’t say you didn’t know! 🙂  NEXT Decision BETTER

Feel free to leave a comment on some of the things you’ve changed – for your health. Go ahead…I’m listening… 😉

And if you enjoyed this post, please share it.

All the best,
Speaker, Individuality Advocate
Author of Living by Design and Living in Harmony


About Zara Green
Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

4 Responses to Your Health IS Your Responsibility: Deal With Cancer Before It Deals With You

  1. Emile Labat says:

    It seems that change comes hard for most in this specialized educational system that is sold to the American populace, along with changing what one has ingested for the last 50 years thinking it’s healthy and that medicine solves mans physical ills.

    Carbonated drinks and beverages with chemical additives are hazards to man and we should stop “flavoring our faces” and begin “Fueling our bodies.” That goes for whatever we put into our mouths.

    Besides properly fueling our bodies, we also need to cleanse our bodies inside-out with really good water. This removes the toxins and poisons such as that which is personally applied with fluoride toothpaste, deodorant, also chemicals in the milk and especially the foods that make up the Standard American Diet. It’s not funny but that spells “SAD”.

    You know, since I’ve gone with mostly natural with raw fruit, salad and home cooked meals, and I say mostly because we are diligent but sometimes you do slip, I’ve got to be smoldering dirty to have an odor. When we fuel our bodies daily with raw fruit and veggies we have less of an odor because we smell more like the foods that we’ve eaten; strawberries, carrots, etc. When your body is cleansed of dead foods and chemicals you have a more pleasant “aroma” and deodorant isn’t necessary. You tip of baking soda works well.

    Since cancer and all disease are caused by toxins and dehydration, right eating and proper hydration are necessary for your quality of health. Whoa! What we put into our mouth determines our health therefore WE are responsible for DIS-ease in the body.

    Now that’s a mouthful!

    Like I said we all have out slips, but remember to keep the luxury of food (fuel) indulgences to a minimum, or you risk the health and strength of your body “Temple.”

    Thanks for sharing this blog, I enjoyed all your tips, and also for allowing me to share.


  2. Zara Green says:

    Emile!! What a fantastic follow up! 🙂 Thank you for sharing. What I’ve found is that more I do for my health, the easier it becomes. The difference in not just how I feel, but my outlook on life is so wonderful.

    Coming from New Orleans, you and I know how hard this change can be, initially but you’ve been on this journey for a long time. Emile, don’t you have a water purifying system, or something like that? Will you post the link for us here, please? Thanks!

  3. Emile Labat says:

    Zara, the Enagic Water Ionizer isn’t your run of the mill purification system, it restructures the molecular structure of H2O providing the most hydrating water on the planet. I’m happy to post the link to the site.

    it’s, where you’ll find tons of info on why everyone should have an Enagic Water Ionizer in their home.

    this link, is to info on pharmaceutical drugs, our 21 Day Challenge, and an up coming presentation on Wellness and Water.

    If you’re available, I hope to see you there on Friday.

    Thanks so much for sharing this blog, its folks like you who will help change human belief patterns to enlightenment.


  4. Zara Green says:

    Thanks for posting, Emile. The “enlightened” understands the responsibility to freely share what they know…thank you for freely sharing your knowledge too.

    Your session sounds amazing. If I were in New Orleans, I’d certainly check you out but you know I live in New York now. Certainly wishing you all the best with that…of course, the true beneficiaries will be the attendees. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

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