Understand Your Design OR Live According to Other’s Desires…

“Are the people around you able to be themselves or are you forcing them to live a lie? Well, it’s a form of Oppression so STOP IT!! Now…Good Morning…lol”

That post prompted more in-depth discussion…as my posts often do when Eddie Francis (New Orleans Radio Personality, National Speaker/Trainer & Comedian) replied with this:

“OK, that brings up an interesting point. So do you think it’s possible that folks live that lie because they feel somehow obligated to live up to what they believe are your expectations? Would I still be oppressing them?”

Now, y’all know I don’t beat bushes…I just go for the gusto, which often has me backtracking to fill-in, so here I go…

Eddie’s reply is PACKED with LAYERS of issues. Here was my attempt to capsulize a response:

“People need to LEARN to live and let live with Absolute Acceptance, without Exception…“It’s that whole, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission” concept…Nobody can oppress you without your permission.”

Now to Expound (in ‘note’ form, but this could easily be a chapter in a book):

I believe everybody ought to live their own truth. I am also clear that most do not because ACCEPTANCE is our most basic emotional need. It never goes away and people will sacrifice, and forever question their own truths, for acceptance. For this reason, I often tout that everybody ought to be permitted to live their own truth.

So…”oppression” can only happen when one is susceptible. When you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you’re always susceptible.

We’re all conditioned in some way or another but each person’s truth is always trying to rise. Internal conflict of living IT (their truth) vs. being accepted for living their truth is most people’s primary struggle. Because of that “susceptible” factor, most need the permission of those around them to live their own truth…that is, UNTIL they’re fed up and forced to grow up – emotionally, and are able to say and mean, SCREW ’em AND their expectations of me! Lol!

It is for THIS reason that I am an Individuality Advocate. Awareness of Individuality and Personal Growth make it possible and easier to live your own truth!

As for “being” oppressed and people making you “live a lie”. I’ll talk about me…cuz I ain’t ‘gon get mad at me 😉

Nobody makes me be or do anything that I am not or don’t want to do! That hasn’t always been the case, but once I became clear about everything that makes me, me; the different elements that make up my individual design, which clarified my path of purpose. Life became easier, living my own truth became necessary and IT is when I became totally comfortable in my own skin.

I was also, then, equipped to STOP permitting oppression, and free enough in my own mind to stop oppressing the unlearned/unaware – those who had not yet learned that “oppression” is a choice.Knowing Yours Is IMPERATIVE!

In this space, you’ll not only allow but encourage others to live their own truths.

I give away the 1st layer of my Awareness of Individuality System so that you can begin to distinguish your individuality. It’s an immediate audio stream on my website, FREE! I’ve done all the work, just sit back, relax and listen 🙂 http://www.zaragreen.com

A “Do Better” Fanatic!
NEXT Decision…BETTER than your LAST 😉

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About Zara Green
Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

2 Responses to Understand Your Design OR Live According to Other’s Desires…

  1. Cynthia says:

    love this, Zara. a concept we must all embrace.

  2. Zara Green says:

    Cynthia, thank you for commenting…yes, life becomes easier when you know who you are and comfy in your skin 🙂

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