The Serenity Challenge Finale`: How to NOT Take Anything Personally, Day 7

Listen Icon, redWhat a journey! I’ve got an offer at the end of this for you!

You know whenever I’m providing training lessons on a subject, I have as many opportunities to practice on that subject as you do.

In my own life when faced with challenges, after I’ve used all of the nuggets I’ve shared with you this past week in order to not take things personally, one of the things I’ve learned to do, is to watch things unfold as if I’m watching a movie.

Don’t get spooky on me, I don’t have out of body experiences (at least not that I know – hee) but after I’ve done what I know to do, accepted responsibility where I need to and am in a space of comfort to accept that “what will be, will be” I am able to detach from outcomes and watch the process; it’s why I always do my best 😉

Here’s a gift to you, from me because no lesson is one size fits all.

Below is a link to the 1st layer of my Do Better System, What is Your Priority?, a 14 minute excerpt from my 1st audiobook, Awareness of Individuality, which will enable you to begin to distinguish your own worth to the point of listing characteristics & qualites…did I mention that it’s FREE?

This FREE excerpt will set you on a path to be able to declare with me “I know, accept, love & respect everything that I am, am not, will be, and will never be – insecurity, inadequacy and inferiority can’t touch me!”


Link to FREE 14min Excerpt
Thanks for the journey…see ya on the next one!

We’re Growing Up Y’all…because Grown IS Sexy!
NEXT Decision…BETTER than your LAST 😉

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About Zara Green
Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

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