The Serenity Challenge: How NOT to Take Anything Personal – Day 4



I gave a peak into this Nugget on How to NOT take anything personal in an earlier Facebook post, …

“Transitions are only scary when you don’t trust the process; fix your minds to learn, plan and flow – simultaneously. Enjoy the Ride ;)”

We’re more than half through the 7 Day Challenge so let’s recap:

Day 1: Defined what serenity is and how you get it.

Day 2: Expressed the importance of anchoring your mind and gave practical ways to do it.

Day 3: Explained that it is imperative that you understand the things that make you – YOU!

I want to expound on my earlier post, “Transitions are only scary when you don’t trust the process; fix your minds to learn, plan and flow – simultaneously. Enjoy the Ride ;)”

Nobody lives a challenge-free life. Life’s job is to challenge you and in every challenge you have the opportunity and thus make a choice – to be agitated or to fix your mind to get something out of the process.

Every experience is an opportunity to be scarred or refined; whichever you are in every experience depends on how you treat them when they show up.

Here’s the mindset that will be your surefire way to begin to trust the process during transitions:

1) Fix your mind to expect change, which is the catalyst to transitions

2) Believe that if the Universe is presenting them to you that there are reasons and that you can handle them

3) Decide to become a student and learn through the the process

4) Immediately start planning to overcome while in it

5) Demonstrate that you are embracing change by flowing with it (not resisting)

When you can do this, you’re on your way to trusting the process.

After you’ve done it a few times the easier it becomes and soon you’ll understand that if life is presenting it to you, it’s what you need even when you don’t understand where it’s taking you.

You’ll learn to enjoy the adventurous rides life takes you on and not fear where you’re going.

We’re Growing Up Y’all…because Grown IS Sexy 😉
NEXT Decision…BETTER than your LAST


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