The Serenity Challenge: How NOT to Take Anything Personally – Day 3

Understand the things that make you – YOU!

There are different traits, qualities, propensities and experiences…that make you – YOU. There are layers to your existence and it is to your advantage to know them to the point of listing them from temperament to what kind of learner you are to how different environments affect you, and why.

It’s not just possible to know these things about yourself, it’s very tangible.

Taking things personally stem from what I call the 3 hindering “I’s”: Insecurity, Inadequacy & Inferiority and it shows up because a person has not distinguised their own individuality; their own unique design of difference which produces understanding, appreciation, acceptance and respect for self and others who don’t think, feel, act or react as you do.

By default the 3 Hindering “I’s” cause people to compare themselves, try to measure up to others, and to feel less than others.

Invincible Woman!

Invincible Woman!

Here are some of the things that will help you to stop comparing, stop trying to measure up and to stop feeling less than; to stop that “always wanting to do/be what you can not/are not” notion:

  • Know that you are uniquely made and were designed with purpose.
  • Know that most people are just as conflicted about who they are as you sometimes are.
  • Know that you’ll NEVER please everybody ALL of the time, in fact you’ll rarely please ANY.

How you respond to what people do is never about them, it’s always about you.

These are the benefits of focusing on understanding the things that make you – YOU:

  • You can intentionally hone and refine your traits – the good, bad and ugly ones – which every person has 🙂
  • You can be ever-conscious of how you are being perceived so that you can direct desired outcomes
  • You can live more purposefully according to your individual design
  • You can enjoy the ever-changing journey of life with confidence and resilience

It’s a lot easier to allow things to roll off of you like a wet duck if you’re clear about your worth. I’m not offended by what others do, think or say to or about me, because I know, love, accept, and respect everything that I am, am not, will be, and will never be.

We’re Growing Up Y’all…because Grown IS Sexy 😉
NEXT Decision…BETTER than your LAST


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About Zara Green
Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

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