Bigotry Needs Fertile Ground, Are You?

A Mother's Disdain

A Mother's Disdain

I experienced every possible emotion while watching my all time favorite actress, Sigourney Weaver in the LifeTime Premiere Movie, Prayers for Bobby; primarily fury!

Furious because here’s a prime example of the previous post on philosophies that govern, which is often, by their nature inherently slanted, divisive and perpetuate bigotry.

Every person’s thinking was shaped by their environment and parent’s beliefs, which included some kind of philosophy, much of it was ignorance.

When you find a philosophy that prevents kindness and love from prevailing then it’s time to find the courage to revisit and revise that philosophy.

Mary Griffith, Bobby’s mother, is a hero in my eyes. Although too late for Bobby, she may be talking to you. She realized that her “bigotry and dehumanizing slander” – her ignorance and force feeding it to her son, robbed him of the right to live his own truth.

Bigotry and ignorance need susceptible environments to grow. I’ve decided to NOT be fertile ground; it’s not okay in my presence.

I am not suggesting that you attack anybody for their ignorance, rather use the opportunity to expand their thinking by requesting that they dare to exhibit the supposed unwavering, “kindness and love” that most philosophies hide behind. I am suggesting that you use those opportunities to grow them up!

Now if you are offended by this post, I am not talking TO you, I am talking ABOUT you 😉

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Hi, I'm Zara Green, A "Do Better" Fanatic and Your Advocate...I'm glad you're here! As a personal growth Author and Speaker, who's Individuality & Resilience-Focused, I spark conversations that expand thinking, encourage effective & productive responses and produce better individual decision-making and better interpersonal communications in relationships. Growing Up with Zara because life is meant to be enjoyed ;-)

4 Responses to Bigotry Needs Fertile Ground, Are You?

  1. Hi, you’re certainly right, feisty posts.

    Some people will take offence at it I believe in the short term, but it will come back to them again and again if they don’t make a decision to take it on board.

    It takes nothing to show love and kindness other than being yourself.

    I will follow other tweets of yours


  2. Zara Green says:

    Oh, Jeff I agree that life is always trying to teach and until we learn the lesson we experience the same agitation, over & over.

    I believe that at the core of every person is raw, unadulterated kindness & love.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Very nice post. I share the sentiments as you do. I very much do agree with what you said and I quote “Every person’s thinking was shaped by their environment and parent’s beliefs, which included some kind of philosophy, much of it was ignorance.” There is no denying that.

    I was born in the US (to the age of 9) and lived in Nigeria (for 12 years) and worked in Europe, Africa and Central America. A persons environment has a lot to do with both their parent’s belief or environment. It is extremely evident when you travel outside of the United States into many foreign countries.

    Keep em coming Zara

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